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Making a wireless security system

Our condo recently had some flood damaged and their are workers coming in and out to do repairs. My wife and I both work and do not feel comfortable with strangers in our house without us. We don't have the needed wiring in our hallway and my wife didn't want to see any wires run down the wall. So I made a wired camera wireless with parts I had laying around.

First I needed a wireless to wired bridge. There are several specialty parts available that do this but one of the cheapest and easiest to use is the Apple Airport Express. When you join it to a wireless networks, the ethernet port becomes a LAN port.
Airport Express

I also had an older Axis M1011 wired camera. Any IP camera will work through the wireless bridge, but make sure you have a way to power it.

Axis M1011

You can use the Axis clamp bracket and the power supply to power and mount the unit. Plug it all in and it will work just as if it were wired.
finished back view

finished front view

finished front view