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My Merging Strategy

This is my current merging strategy and workflow. I have the branch mcotton-next and when I make new features I git checkout -b mcotton-branch-name

As I make changes I make incremental commits and run grunt. I use this command grunt && git status -s|awk '{ print $2 }'|xargs git add; git commit -m "<commit message>" && git push stage mcotton-branch-name

Because I make a lot of little commits I use git merge mcotton-branch-name --squash so that I can make my own commit with a unified message.

After that I merge it to next and push to the next remote. git merge mcotton-next git push origin next git push next next

Once everything is tested and looks good, we git merge next into master, create a new tag git tag <data>, git push origin master --tags and then git push prod master --tags and git push prev master --tags.

After that I remote to prod and prev and do a git pull --all then git checkout <date>