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Setbacks and Crashes

This is an older video that I hadn't posted yet. It is from a couple months ago and has nothing to do with the rest of the post.

I had a crash earlier in the week that has destroyed my Phantom 2. Almost immediately after take it it lost all power and unceremoniously fell from the sky. My first reaction was shock. I don't know if the battery wasn't seated all the way or it experienced a different malfunction.

After some time to think, my shock turned to gratitude. Gratitude that this wasn't over water, wasn't for a client, wasn't over a road, wasn't over a crowd. I don't fly over crowds but it is always tempting to push the boundaries.

Pushing the boundaries is what makes this emerging field exciting. Getting these images end of being expensive when you look at the output that gave from the money invested.

I can't wait to announce my next aircraft.