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Translating text in Backbone.js templates

We recently added Japanese support to our webapp. When implementing it, we decided on the most straight-forward method of converting it at run-time by adding a helper method to the view.

The first step was to extend Backbone.View to include a translate method (abbreviated as 't' to reduce noise in the template). It performs a simple dictionary lookup. It falls back to English if a suitable translation can not be found.

BaseView = Backbone.View.extend({
     t: function(str, skip) {
        // check if the browser/system language is Japanese
        var lang = 'ja'
        var dictionary = {
                'US': {},
                'ja': {
                    'Dashboard': 'ダッシュボード',
                    'Layouts': 'レイアウト',
                    'Cameras': 'カメラ',
                    'Users': 'ユーザー',
                    'Map': 'マップ',
                    'Installer Tools': 'インストールツール',
                    'Status': '状態'

        return dictionary[lang][str]== undefined ? str : dictionary[lang][str];

And the specific view needs to be changed.

AddCameraMessageView = Backbone.View.extend({

gets changed to be

AddCameraMessageView = BaseView.extend({

The individual templates now can use the new translate helper method on any string.


gets changed to be

    <td><%= this.t('Device') %></td>
    <td><%= this.t('Name') %></td>
    <td><%= this.t('Status') %></td>

The next iteration will perform this translation at the build phase by writing a grunt plugin instead of at run-time. This will remove any rendering time penalty for our users.